Reliable Inflatable Suppliers – Inflatables That Always Stay Up!

We are the Advertising Balloon Company - ABC Inflatables.

You can also call us the reliable inflatables company! Since we set up the business in 1996, we have met every single promise we have made to our clients. This means that every inflatable has been designed, manufactured, delivered and installed on time and at the agreed budget.


You receive a free telephone consultation before we even give you a quote. We will tell you honestly if your project can be delivered within your budget. We talk to you about your timeframe and we explain what we can do in the time available.


You will receive a realistic assessment of the cost of using your inflatable. This varies hugely, depending on the way you want your inflatable to behave. The key question is: do you want it on the ground, in the air or portable?


You get a full service from us. We will supply you with helium, install your inflatable, provide air blowers and obtain your flying licences. We make it easy for you to take your idea from design, to manufacture and then to installation.

When you commission an inflatable from ABC Inflatables, there are no hidden or unexpected extras and no nasty surprises. Best of all, when you engage us, you won’t need a contingency plan because we always meet our commitments.

Many of our inflatables are made here in in the UK by our skilled team. This gives us flexibility and means we can turn your orders around quickly. We also know that our customers like our approach because they keep coming back. They also recommend us, which is the best compliment anyone can pay us!

So if you need a promotional product from a helium-filled inflatable to an air blown one, email us at ABC Inflatables for honest advice and rapid service. You can call us on 01295 278600.