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Throughout the years, we have collaborated with some of the most renowned brands worldwide.

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    Since we set up the Advertising Balloon Company – or ABC Inflatables – in 1996 , we have designed and delivered thousands of promotional balloons and custom inflatables to companies, event organisers, private individuals, artists, theatres and film companies.

    We have never, ever, let a client down and we won’t let you down.

    What are Custom Inflatables?

    Custom inflatables are imaginative and eye-catching advertising tools designed to elevate your projects, events, or business visibility. At ABC Inflatables, we specialise in creating bespoke inflatables designed to meet your exact needs. Our UK custom inflatables can transform any marketing campaign into a vibrant and memorable experience. If you're looking to promote a grand opening, a product launch, or a festival, our inflatable advertising solutions are guaranteed to make a lasting impression. From giant inflatables that dominate skylines to dynamic air dancers that sway with energy, we offer a range of options to suit every advertising objective.

    Types of Inflatable Advertising We Offer

    ABC Inflatables can provide many inflatable advertising options, each designed to enhance your marketing strategy and maximise your brand’s visibility across the UK. Here are just some of the types of inflatables that we can offer:

    Giant Inflatables

    Our giant inflatables are show-stopping attractions that demand attention. Towering above crowds at festivals or on the stage at grand openings, these larger-than-life creations leave a lasting impression on audiences. From inflatable replicas of your products to custom-designed characters and logos, our giant event inflatables are ideal for outdoor events and large-scale promotions.

    Air Dancers

    Bring energy and excitement to your advertising with our dynamic air dancers. These animated inflatables sway and dance, drawing eyes and creating a festive atmosphere. Perfect for roadside promotions, trade shows, and retail displays, air dancers add a fun and lively touch to any marketing campaign.

    Inflatable Animals

    Create a whimsical and engaging experience with our inflatable animals. From friendly mascots to realistic wildlife replicas, our inflatable animals are versatile additions to events, parades, and themed promotions. These eye-catching designs appeal to audiences of all ages and are excellent for outdoor or indoor settings.

    Inflatable Arches

    Make a grand entrance with our impressive inflatable arches. Marking the start or finish line of a race, guiding attendees at a festival, or framing an exhibition booth, our inflatable arches provide a striking visual element. Customisable with branding and vibrant colours, these arches ensure your message is seen from afar.

    Why Choose ABC Inflatables

    When it comes to custom inflatables in the UK, ABC Inflatables stands out for our unparalleled expertise and track record. We've collaborated with leading brands on high-profile projects, delivering exceptional inflatable advertising solutions that capture attention and drive engagement. Our team is dedicated to excellence, ensuring that every inflatable we produce is a source of pride for our clients. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind inflatable for a major event or a series of attention-grabbing displays for retail promotion, we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

    Get in Touch

    Ready to improve your advertising with UK custom inflatables from our team at ABC Inflatables? Reach out to our friendly team today by clicking the "Get in Touch" tab on the right side of the screen. We're here to assist you through the process, from initial inquiry to the delivery of your custom inflatable masterpiece. Let us bring your vision to life and make your next campaign truly unforgettable.

    Inflatable Advertising FAQs

    Giant inflatables are exceptionally effective for advertising due to their ability to grab attention from a distance. Their large size and unique designs make them stand out in crowded environments such as festivals, trade shows, or busy streets. The sheer presence of a giant inflatable can draw eyes towards your brand, increasing visibility and making a memorable impact on passersby.