Looking up at the Pink Floyd pig floating above BBC

Pink Floyd Pig on BBC One Show

giant inflatable pink floyd pig

Exciting News! We have been flying the Pink Floyd Pig ‘Algie’ again. Did you see us on the BBC One Show? Algie is a great example of an inflatable that we keep in storage and re-use time after time!

flying inflatable pig

Last year, we were asked to fly Algie from the roof of the Victoria & Albert Museum to promote the forthcoming exhibition of Pink Floyd at the V&A from May to October 2017 – see our August 2016 News . This time we were to fly it at ground level at BBC Broadcasting House in Central London as the exhibition had come around and was the subject of much press coverage.

inflatable pig flying

After his trip to the V&A, we stored Algie safely so we knew he’d been well looked after. Even so, the first thing we had to do was check him over in our workshop. We needed to make sure he was sky-worthy and looked perfect before we took him down to London. He was in good shape but we didn’t have much space for him to fly. As you can see from the pictures, it was a very tight spot for a pig the size of a London bus!

pink floyd pig flying outside BBC

‘Their Mortal Remains’ at the V&A tells the story of Pink Floyd and displays their assorted memorabilia.  The exhibition runs through to early October and is sure to be as big a success as Algie!

Of course, Algie isn’t our custom pig inflatable! You might have seen Natwest’s Pigby flying over cricket matches and we make all sorts of shapes including pigs for the Lord Mayor’s Show. (2019 update – take a look at another outing for an inflatable pig for the Lord Mayor’s Show!)

When we store large inflatables like Algie for our clients, we keep them maintained and sky-worthy for their next outing. If you’d like to discuss a similar arrangement with us, give us a ring on 01295 278600 or email us.