Inflatable Animals

Have you considered installing inflatable animals at your next event? Well, let us explain why you should! Whether you’re hosting a grand opening, a fun day out, or simply want to catch the eye of passersby, giant inflatable animals are perfect for any occasion. Afterall, who wouldn’t love to see inflatable animals dominating the skyline?!

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ABC Inflatables Animal Projects

At ABC Inflatables, we take great pride in having years of experience in designing and creating inflatable animals. Our team is available to help bring your giant inflatable animal idea to life, starting from the design stage. We understand how difficult it can be to articulate your vision, which is why our friendly experts will curate your ideas into a bespoke design that meets your specifications and needs. Once approved, we’ll begin to create your inflatable animal, ensuring it aligns with your branding, colour scheme and goals.

Beter yet, if you don’t want to commit to owning giant inflatable animals, we also offer a wide selection of rental inflatable animals. This way, you can still enjoy the fun and attention giant inflatable animals bring to your event without worrying about storing it. It’s a win-win!


Giant Inflatable Animal Options

We’re able to create and deliver inflatable animals of your choice, ensuring your giant inflatable animals are fit for purpose. From pets and jungle animals to life-size sea creatures, we take the smallest ideas and turn them into something huge. Even if you want to create an entire array of inflatable animals, we can! Regardless of your requirements, our expert team will provide recommendations based on your preferences ensuring your event goes to plan.


Why Chose ABC Inflatables

Inflatable advertising is in and we at ABC Inflatables want to ensure you have a pleasant experience with us. We’ve created a wide range of inflatable products for some of the world’s most renowned brands and now we want to work with you to design giant inflatables perfect for your event! Our friendly team is always available to support you from design to delivery and even setup your inflatable animals. Nothing is too much – simply just ask!


Inflatable Animal FAQs

Can You Create Custom Inflatable Animals?

Absolutely! All our inflatable animals can be customised to your specifications, needs, and budget, giving you full autonomy of your project.


Can Inflatable Animals Be Used Indoors?

Yes! All our giant inflatable animals are designed for use indoors and outdoors, meaning that you can install them wherever is most effective.


How Durable Are Your Giant Inflatable Animals?

All our inflatable animals are designed using high-quality materials that provide durability and are long lasting, meaning you can use it time and time again.


How Can I Enquire About An Inflatable Animal?

To enquire about our inflatable animals, call us on 01295 278600 or complete the contact form on our website and a member of our friendly expert team will be in touch.