Parade Inflatables

What Are Parade Inflatables

Do you want to wow your audience? Look no further than our custom parade inflatables. Designed to captivate and impress, our parade inflatables are designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring every passerby stops to admire their size, design, and vibrant colours. With our parade floats, you can be confident that you or your brand will stand out, giving you a memorable reception.


Typically speaking, parade inflatables are larger and more elaborate than regular inflatables, designed to move along parade routes. As such, they required specialised inflation equipment to ensure they are both mobile and secure.

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Helium Inflatables

Our parade inflatables are usually helium filled due to its floating capabilities that ensures your parade float can be seen above ground level. Helium inflatables are also lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making them an excellent choice for parades. Additionally, helium inflatables provide greater versatility, ensuring you can achieve the desired theme with ease.


Custom Parade Inflatables

At ABC Inflatables, we take great pride in our ability to customise all our inflatable advertising products. This ensures that your helium inflatables are created to your exact specifications, requirements, and budget, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards. Our friendly team is not only able to help with the production and delivery of your parade inflatables but also throughout the initial design phase. We understand the difficulty of translating ideas into designs which is why we collaborate closely with you to create a design that meets your expectations, down to the finest details.


Why Chose ABC Inflatables

Creating custom parade inflatables is no mean feat and we’re proud to have worked with leading brands and companies across the globe to deliver parade floats that make crowds go “ooh” and “ahh” with excitement. Quality is our top priority throughout the process, starting from your initial conversation with us, through the design phase, manufacturing stage, and it’s the set-up of your parade inflatable. Our friendly expert team ensures you remain informed at every stage, minimising any additional worry. Contact us to get started!


Parade Inflatables FAQs

Can You Create Custom Parade Inflatables?

Yes! All our helium inflatables are fully customisable helping you create a parade float that meets your specifications and budget.


Can Parade Floats Be Used Outdoors?

All our parade floats are made from high quality materials suitable for use outdoors, come rain or shine.


How Durable Are Your Custom Parade Inflatables?

Our custom parade floats are designed for multiple users, so you can be confident that you can use it repeatedly without worry.


How Can I Enquire About Parade Inflatables?

To get in touch about our parade inflatables, call us on 01295 278600 or complete the contact form on our website and a member of our team will get back to you.