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  • inflatable cube walkabout costume
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Inflatable Costumes

With an inflatable walkabout costume, you can really stand out from the crowd! A fun way to give your promotion maximum impact and get your brand noticed.



When it comes to promoting your company or product, why not have some fun with a walkabout inflatable costume? From a Michelin man to a pint of Heineken, we will do our best to make the inflatable man of your dreams!

We can design all sorts of inflatable costumes, from fun and frivolous to ones with a serious message. The Kit Kat Android character grew out of the code name given to Android 4.4. Nestlé and Google joined forces to market that version of Android and our cheerful little green alien was born.

Connor the Condom is a very different kind of walkabout inflatable costume.  Our client asked us to help them put across a serious message but in a fun way. We think that Connor fits the bill!

Whatever your message, we will help you create inflatable costumes that promote your brand and get you the reaction you are looking for at your events. Who could fail to notice or resist anyone in an inflatable or character costume? They are ideal for use at exhibition or outdoor events they can be used with care over and over again.

For exhibition inflatables and more, contact us, or give us a call on 01295 278600 or or email us to chat about your project. We look forward to hearing from you.