Giant Inflatable Characters

Giant inflatables always attract attention and when you turn a popular character into a giant inflatable, it’s a real magnet for the crowds! Our giant Smurf was incredibly popular and really captured people’s imaginations.

Everyone will remember your character, long after the event is over, so inflatables are an excellent way to increase brand awareness. If you are in a busy venue, you need to think big for maximum impact – and giant inflatables certainly let everyone know exactly where you are! You will catch people’s attention and promote your brand or business in a dramatic way.

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Giant inflatables are almost guaranteed to plenty of attention. You’ll see passersby stopping to stare and they generally get plenty of coverage on social media and TV. We think this is why so many clients ask us to create giant inflatable characters for promotions, parades, theatre props and special events.

Ask us to make your mascot or company logo into a larger than life giant inflatable character! You will find that it’s easy to transport and inflate. Because they are so adaptable, you will have even more opportunities to create interest in your brand. Who could miss a giant inflatable penguin or even a huge inflatable Angry Bird?

Installing giant inflatables is easy

On a practical note, you can inflate your giant inflatable character with a mains operated fan blower. If you would prefer an inflatable without a fan, we can make certain shapes and sizes so they can be inflated and sealed. For example, we made an army of inflatable cigarette characters for GASP that they could inflate and put into surgeries to promote their message. This was ideal for them because they obviously couldn’t have fans running continuously in doctors’ waiting rooms!

Our experienced team can advise you on what would be the most suitable type of giant inflatable character to promote your business or message. For example, we made a giant inflatable racoon for one of our client’s car washes. He attracted so much attention to that they came back to us to have a second one after Rocky Racoon was moved to another site!