• NatWest Pigby flying over cricket stand
  • Art installation black balloons Brighton Pavilion
  • Helium filled punctuation marks inflatable art
  • Cold air filled Cadbury Easter egg
  • Man standing under inflatable Guinness rugby posts
  • Giant NFL football with artwork
  • Enormous inflatable violin replica
  • Inflatable Stonehenge for Jeremy Deller
  • Inflatable letters spelling John Lewis
  • Inflatable dragon for Chinese New Year
  • Testing inflatable art in our workshop
  • Decorated inflatable art cubes
  • Inflatable art collection
  • Branded NFL inflatable archway
  • NFL 4-leg inflatable arch
  • Guinness inflatable rugby posts
  • Huge Wolfy inflatable character and man
  • Dafy Moto inflatable Wolfy character
  • Massive inflatable Yorkshire Tea pot
  • Massive inflatable Y-fronts for Paddy Power
  • Life-sized inflatable orange cars
  • 3 inflatable Foxy Bingo columns
  • Pigby tethered at cricket ground
  • NatWest Pigby6 pig inflatable
  • NatWest Pigby flying over cricket stand
  • Huge hard hat inflatable for Prime
  • Inflatable replica biscuits and confectionary
  • Replica Oreo Cookie inflatables
  • Man standing inside huge yellow duck inflatable
  • Inflatable beanstalk theatre prop with leaf decoration
  • Enormous inflatable yellow wellies for NFU Mutual
  • Giant inflatable Gloucester Rugby balls
  • Inflatable WW2 tank for Dad's Army film
  • Man adding artwork to giant inflatable tank
  • Giant inflatable shape with woman artwork
  • giant inflatable letter art
  • Giant deer inflatable in ABC Inflatables workshop
  • Life-sized Inflatable Van with Artwork
  • Man hand painting gold base to giant inflatable dome
  • Russian style inflatable dome on top of porch to large house
  • Enormous inflatable Cadbury's Easter egg shape in our workshop
  • Grey robotic looking giant inflatable pig in our workshop
  • Group of round inflatable cushions with Double Tree branding
  • Giant white Vhi inflatable heart with branding
  • Man standing next to giant Google map pin for Pride, in ABC Inflatables workshop
  • Giant and large inflatable yellow ducks in our workshop
  • Flying punctuation marks above a pavilion - art installation
  • 4 inflatable replica rugby balls with Guinness branding by ABC Inflatables
  • Stadium with inflatable Foxy column and transparent push balls
  • Orange inflatable replica hard had flying above building

Special Inflatable Shapes

We can make special inflatable shapes in different sizes and designs. They can either be made to float with helium gas if the size and design is suitable or as a cold air filled inflatable to represent your product or character.



When you need an inflatable shape for an exhibition, you can rely on us to deliver. We can make big or small inflatable shapes to support your brand or product.

If you are looking for small inflatables, we can usually help. We will talk to you about the options but we generally offer either larger quantities or we brand a standard shape. Alternatively, we can sometimes make a single large inflatable shape for you. We often create inflatable product replicas as a giveaway.

Our giant cold air filled inflatable might stand as tall as 8 metres high! We often make these as one offs and they make a massive impact at exhibitions and shows.

Whatever you require, we can make an inflatable to promote your product or brand – and we will give you honest advice on the feasibility of your design concept.

Just contact us by email or phone us on 01295 278600 and we will be happy to inflate your ideas!