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Inflatable Arch Hire

Hire an inflatable arch for your next sporting event or exhibitions for a huge brand impact. Branding available



Our giant inflatable arches are very popular with clients who need race inflatables for start / finish lines. We make arches in different sizes so you can pick one that’s wide enough for cars or small enough for people. Depending on how much you expect to use it, you can hire or buy an inflatable arch from us. Even with a rented inflatable arch, we can add your branding so your message stands out.

Whether you need a one-off or plan to use your arch regularly, we’ll help you make a huge impression.

Rent Race Inflatables, Event and Exhibition Arches

The best place to put your brand at an exhibition, a triathlon or a marathon is right in front of everyone’s eyes. With a rented inflatable arch you can do this at a very reasonable cost. We will add your branding to a rented inflatable arch and everyone will see it on race day or at an exhibition. It will add some real pizazz to your event. Just take a look in our News pages for some great examples of inflatable arches that we’ve branded for clients.

Rent a giant inflatable arch and you will promote your business or event in an unusual and high-impact way. Best of all, it is cost-effective and fuss-free. At the end of the rental period, we will collect the equipment from your site, so you have nothing to worry about!

For exhibition inflatables and more, contact us here, call 01295 278600 or email to book ‘your’ inflatable now!