two striped balloon inflatables

Inflatable Hot Air Balloon for Irish Eurovision Entry

We felt honoured to make a giant inflatable hot air balloon for the Irish entry to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The replica hot air balloon was the central theme in their set and really helped them make an impression.

hot air balloon for Irish Eurovision

This year Eurovision was in Kiev in the Ukraine which posed some practical and logistical problems! Luckily, we often transport and organise inflatables for large shows abroad. So it was ‘all in a day’s work’  – or nearly…

giant inflatable hot air balloon

The inflatable balloons are slightly different sizes to allow for any issues with staging. We also created the balloons with the right attachment points for helium or air. The client could then choose to have the balloon floating, or they could suspend it from the ceiling. This gave extra flexibility to make sure the hot air balloon looked its absolute best.

hot air balloon giant inflatable

Check out the Irish Eurovision entry below. It shows Brendan Murray singing ‘Dying to Try’, with our inflatable hot air balloon replica centre stage. Brendan is brilliant of course, and our hot air balloon looks fabulous!

We love to see the creative ways our clients use ABC inflatables in their set designs. For example, our inflatable beanstalks have been used in pantomimes. We’ve also made inflatable props for movies. And our inflatable art has taken the leading role at art exhibitions and productions.

We can work with you to create an inflatable to your design to steal the show. Custom inflatables work really well in a theatrical or artistic project. They are cost-effective and eye-catching – just what you need if you are organising a big event! So if you’ve got a musical extravaganza or a theatrical production coming up, why not give us a ring? Call us on 01295 278600 and let us help you set the scene. And why not check out our custom inflatables pages for inspiration.