3 exhibition spheres for Glazpart, helium filled

Exhibition spheres for Glazpart

exhibition spheres for Glazpart

Glazpart have just ordered another one of our helium-filled exhibition spheres. We have a long standing working relationship with them. They are our near neighbours here in Banbury.

Glazpart were so impressed with the reaction from their customers to the last exhibition sphere we made for them. They wanted another one to float over their exhibition stand. This is such a great way to make use of the otherwise waster space above an exhibition stand. Don’t they look great?

exhibition spheres for Glazpart in situ

They are only 1.8m diameter which is the smallest size that a sphere shape will float with helium gas. And ideally indoors over an exhibition stand which is the way Glazpart use them with such success.

three Glazpart exhibition spheres

This is because they just have enough volume at 1.8m diameter to give them the buoyancy to float. This is due to the relationship between the weight of our material and the volume of helium gas. Which is another reason why we always use the highest grade helium gas – not balloon gas – to maintain that buoyancy.

We can, though, cold air-fill our exhibition spheres to suspend them. This might suit your needs better, depending on the space you have and how you wish to display them.

They are really easy to transport and set up, but we do offer an installation service if you’d like it. They can also be used time and time again. So this makes them a really cost-effective way to advertise your business. Why not put your company head and shoulders above the competition?

We have high standards and we know you do too. Give us a ring on 01295 278600 or check out our produce page for our quality exhibition spheres. We also offer a variety of other indoor inflatables for exhibitions and indoor shows. Find out what they could do for your business.