Blue and orange inflatable bimp for Tile Source

Two New Blimps for Hampshire Tile Warehouse

March saw us make two more new blimps for our good friends at Hampshire Tile Warehouse.

two blimps in workshop

We have made the hulls in our supplier’s stock blue PU coated nylon blimp material and the fins in orange ripstop nylon – the same material that they make spinnakers from for sailing boats – just one of many colours available. And what’s more we don’t charge any more for coloured fins, so you can have a colour to contrast or compliment your blimp free of charge!

blimp showing painted logo

You can see in the picture how our senior artist Tim artworks the blimps with the client’s logo on each side. He uses an overhead projector to help him mark the logo onto the blimp with great precision. Then he paints it using a special type of screenprinters ink. This ink allows for expansion and contraction of the blimp. And also obviously inflation and deflation! It has to be colour fast and hard wearing and suitable for outdoor use over a period of years.

Tim painting blimps

A lot of hard work and thought goes into our blimps to give you a really premium product. Why not give us a ring on 01295 278600? Talk to us about getting an advertising blimp specially made for your business. Check out our product pages and see our site marking blimps and roof toppers for inspiration.