Blue and orange inflatable bimp for Tile Source

Two New Blimps for Hampshire Tile Warehouse

abc_admin Airborne Inflatables (Helium Filled)

March saw us make two more new blimps for our good friends at Hampshire Tile Warehouse. We have made the hulls in our supplier’s stock blue PU coated nylon blimp material and the fins in orange ripstop nylon – the same material that they make spinnakers from for sailing boats – just one of many colours available. And what’s more we don’t …

Bertie the Blimp

abc_admin Airborne Inflatables (Helium Filled)

This month, Fort Locks asked us to fit new fins to Bertie the Blimp, as they affectionately call him. Bertie is now happily up and flying again above the Fort Locks Self Storage depot in Banbury. We offer a repair service to our customers for any inflatable that needs attention. Over time, inflatables can suffer knocks in the course of …