Bertie the Blimp

This month, Fort Locks asked us to fit new fins to Bertie the Blimp, as they affectionately call him. Bertie is now happily up and flying again above the Fort Locks Self Storage depot in Banbury.

We offer a repair service to our customers for any inflatable that needs attention. Over time, inflatables can suffer knocks in the course of normal use. In windy weather they can bang into the building from which they are flying. This can sometimes damage the fabric of the inflatable. Unfortunately, a blimp like Bertie is particularly vulnerable as we make them from a lightweight material so they float when we fill them with helium gas. Once they are damaged, the blimps lose gas and then they begin to lose height.

Blimp against a blue sunny sky

We have just repaired Bertie the Blimp after one of these accidents. We also provided more helium gas so that Fort Locks could get him back up and flying. They tell us he is a great way to attract attention. They really missed him when he was out of service being repaired in our workshop. Most importantly, they noticed a difference in the number of enquiries while he was away, so they are very pleased to have him back in service! Read more about Bertie the Blimp at Fort Locks

If your inflatable needs a service or you’d like to talk to us about a blimp like Bertie for your business, give us a ring on 01295 278600.