Image of a pink inflatable shell on a beach

Inflatable Shell for Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival

Huge inflatable shell on beach

We had so much fun making this giant 6 metre tall custom inflatable shell for the Arts University College at Bournemouth!

They took it down to the beach at Poole where it caused tremendous excitement to everyone who saw it! We thought it looked pretty spectacular throughout the day and on into  the evening. Judging by the news articles about the giant inflatable shell, visitors did too!

Bournemouth University inflatable shell at night

There was a clever idea behind the Big Pink Shell. The University plans to use it as a mascot that pops up in different places, to show the value of surprise in creativity. They also want to spread the message that the AUCB has an impressive 97.7% employment rate for their graduates. Isn’t that imaginative? As well as being unmissable and eye-catching, we also needed to make it simple to erect and deflate. It was essential that the shell was also easy to fly and store, so we designed a cold air filled inflatable. We were thrilled with the result and so was the AUCB.

promenade of palm trees long beach with giant inflatable shell in background

Do you have a clever idea that you want to translate into an inflatable reality? If you do, email us or give us a ring on 01295 278600. Perhaps we can create a unique custom inflatable for you too!

inflatable pink shell