New Inflatable Bottles for Heineken

Anyone for a beer? Sorry to disappoint but these are not drinkable! They are just a small batch of the 800 inflatable bottles we made for Heineken to promote the shape of their new larger bottle. They look completely realistic, don’t they? We were very pleased with how they turned out and so was the client.

Giant inflatable Heineken beer bottles

We’ve created inflatable bottles for Bacardi too but it’s not just inflatable bottles we are good at! We’ve made thousands of inflatable replica products for promotional purposes and supported both large and small brands with their marketing campaigns.

Inflatable promotional items are a great way to help spread your message and can be very cost-effective too. Check out our inflatable promotional products page or get in touch to chat about your ideas. You can contact us here or email us, give us a call at 01295 278600.