Fire Brigade Union Mini Blimp

Mini Blimp for the Fire Brigades Union

One of the things our customers want to do is to get their message across loud and clear! We love helping them find effective and eye-catching ways of doing this, so when we were approached by the Fire Brigades Union we suggested a mini blimp might fit the bill.

The FBU wanted something to use for a demonstration in London, something that would draw attention to their cause. The mini blimp we created is perfect for that – helium-filled, it is designed to float above the heads of the firemen on the march and proudly displays their slogan for all to see.

Mini blimps are easy to inflate and simple to fly – so there is nothing to distract you from the job at hand, whether you are on a demonstration or just require a site marker at a busy event. They are also a great low-cost solution.

Fire Brigade Union Mini Blimp

Here you can see the mini blimp on a longer line in sunny Cardiff, letting everyone in the vicinity know the FBU are in town! They were delighted with their parade inflatable and we were very happy to help increase their visibility and make their demonstration even more effective.

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