Virgin Care's Conor the Condom

Connor the Condom Inflatable Walkabout Costume

Every so often we get a request for a humorous project. These are always great fun to do!

On this occasion, Virgin Care contacted us to create an inflatable walkabout costume in the shape of a condom. Obviously we needed to make it funny but we also had to communicate quite a serious message. The result was Connor the Condom!

Connor is used at university campuses to promote safe sex during Freshers Week. He wanders through the crowds, entertaining and educating people in a memorable way.  He’s eye-catching and makes students smile but he also has a real impact with the students.

Virgin Care's Conor the Condom

We had to make sure that Connor would stay inflated and we also needed to keep the person inside cool. We used a small battery powered fan blower to provide a constant flow of cold air to maintain Connor’s shape. This doubles up as a cooling fan for the person wearing this inflatable walkabout costume.

At ABC Inflatables we have a wealth of experience creating custom inflatable costumes, both silly and serious. Clients ask us to make costumes for all manner of occasions or events. They are comfortable and hard wearing, so you can use them again and again, which also makes them a very cost-effective option. Why not give us a ring on 01295 278600 or email us. Tell us about your goals and we’ll help create a custom inflatable walkabout costume for you!