Inflatable hard hat above Quarrying show

Inflatable Hard Hat for Institute of Quarrying

Sometimes, what seems a relatively straight forward project can actually have underlying complications!

The Institute of Quarrying asked us to create a giant helium filled inflatable hard hat to use at their big outdoor show, held at the Hillhead Quarry near Buxton. So far, so good. The custom inflatable itself was expertly executed by our design and build team and I think you’ll agree it looks fantastic!

Inflatable Hard Hat at Hillhead Quarry

Special shapes that are helium filled to float outdoors ideally require good weather conditions and a suitable site location. In our pictures you can see the sky is blue and the weather is warm and dry – a beautiful day and ordinarily, perfect for flying helium filled inflatables. However, a site like Hillhead Quarry, which is really just a big hole in the ground, has its own climate. This is one of the factors that we had to consider when creating and flying this helium filled special shape. The inflatable had to be able to contend with the localised weather, specifically a gusting wind! But it stood up very well to the challenge and looked great flying proudly above the event.

Institute of Quarrying Show

Here at ABC Inflatables, we pride ourselves on doing the best possible job for our customers – not only in the design and construction of our high quality inflatables but in ensuring that every small detail of their use is considered. To discuss your inflatable project – no matter how simple or complicated! -give us a ring on 01295 278600.

Inflatable hard hat above Quarrying show