led zeppelin blimp with album artwork

New Led Zeppelin Blimp

katebarlow Theatre and Film Inflatables

You may have seen in our recent posting the pictures of the Mothership Led Zeppelin blimp – the helium filled inflatable airship shape we made to promote the Led Zeppelin gig at London’s O2 Arena some years ago. Well we thought you would like to see a picture of the air filled airship we made this summer  (2014) to promote the re-mastered early Led Zeppelin albums. As can be seen it has very complex artwork being an amalgam of the early album covers which could only be done by having the balloon fabric digitally printed all over. Once complete the 6m / 20 ft long airship was to be air filled and suspended inside a theatre in Paris but due to red tape this never happened. The airship shape however was made and printed before it could be sent to Paris but the superb quality of the print can be seen here. If we can produce a special shape for you whether it be an airship or blimp shape or an exhibition or parade sphere that requires complex artwork then we can digitally print our balloon material and make it up into the shape you require. The results are impressive as you can see!

This Led Zeppelin blimp is different to the one we made several years ago and it made a great impression with the fans. We’d love to hear which one you prefer?

led zeppelin blimp with album artwork

If you have a dramatic or theatrical vision for an inflatable, why not give us a call on 01295 278600 and let us help you fly high!