inflatable cigarette characters

Inflatable Cigarette Characters for GASP

inflatable cigarette characters

We had a busy month in July! One of our big projects was a repeat order for a large number of inflatable cigarette characters from our long standing clients at GASP. GASP is a charitable organisation that educates people about the dangers of smoking.

cigarette inflatable characters

We made 500 fun inflatable cigarette characters go in to chemists and doctors surgeries. They are also popular with schools and anywhere else that educates and discourages against smoking. Don’t they look mean?! We think they really help to get the message across about the dangers of smoking, in a memorable and striking way.

inflatable characters for GASP

These sealed air inflatables are a good example of the products that we make overseas. Over the past 20 years, we have built up a strong working relationship with a factory in the Far East. We have visited the site so we know that their working practices meet our standards. Most importantly for our clients; we also know that they are reliable and trustworthy.

cigarette inflatable characters for GASP

As you see from the photos, we pressure tested all the inflatables we made for GASP before we despatched them. This is something we do for all our clients so, if there are any problems, we find them before the client does. We can then rectify any issues before the inflatables leave the factory gate. This gives our clients peace of mind because they know we check their inflatable before we deliver it.

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