inflatable heart with starbucks logo

Inflatable Heart Balloons for London Pride Parade

inflatable hearts with VHI logo

August must be the month of love! We made a repeat order of inflatable hearts for our very good clients VHI in Dublin. Don’t they look great painted with the VHI logo?

inflatable heart with starbucks logo

And then we made an inflatable heart each for Starbucks and Citi to use at the London Pride Parade. We were delighted to be creating inflatables to make a real impact at this event.

inflatable heart with citi logo

They are all made to be helium-filled to float and then carried in parades – just like the parade balloons we make for all the unions that have become such an eye-catching addition to so many demonstrations. When you use helium-filled parade balloons, you gain height and your message stands out above the crowd. Clients find that this gives them much greater awareness to rallies, at a really cost effective price. Parade balloons really are great for promoting your brand or message at outdoor events!

starbucks inflatable heart

You have probably seen our parade spheres at marches. Giant inflatable spheres are a striking focal point to any parade or carnival – you can’t miss them! We have created parade inflatables for the Lord Mayor’s Show and for union marches all around the country. In fact, the Pageant Master and many of the unions list us as their preferred supplier for their parade spheres and other shapes.

We can help you create something simple but similarly striking to catch people’s attention, in different sizes and in all colours to include your artwork and branding. Give us a call on 01295 278600 or email us and let us help you stand out in a crowd!