Giant mirror ball suspended over exhibition

Inflatable Mirror Balls for VMWorld Conference Barcelona

giant silver inflatable mirror balls sphere

In September 2017, a client asked asked us to produce four giant 4m diameter silver inflatable mirror balls. They wanted to suspended these balls in two of the large halls at the Fira Exhibition Centre in Barcelona.

one of the inflatable mirror balls in workshop
We love a new challenge but we always check that an idea is feasible before we give a quote. We were very excited to be able to take this creative idea and turn it into a reality!

These giant chrome-finished spheres featured at the global conference called VMWorld. They lived up to our clients’ expectations which made them very happy. The spheres were a really eye-catching and stylish way of filling the space above the stands. The mirrored surface was a perfect way to draw visitors’ eyes down from the void in the roof space above them.

inflating a giant silver sphere

These mirror balls are cold-air sealed inflatables. We needed to fill them and suspend them which made them slightly unusual. Because of this, this client asked us if we would go out to Barcelona and install them. Two of our most experienced operators spent two days inflating and assisting in the rigging of the giant chrome-finished spheres.

giant mirror ball inflatable sphere

Don’t they look absolutely amazing? We were so pleased with them and the client was absolutely thrilled with the result! We even polished them up while we were there, which showed off the light reflective surface to maximum effect. It was another first-class world service from ABC Inflatables!

one giant inflatable mirror balls suspended from ceiling
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