chubby heart in Wellington Arch

Inflatable Chubby Heart for London Fashion Week

People posing for photos with chubby heart at Wellington Arch

In February, we were busy with one of our favourite commissions! Anya Hindmarch asked us to help once more with her amazing love letter to London. After the phenomenal success of last year’s Chubby Hearts project, it was exciting to be involved again.

In 2018, Anya created a ‘love letter to London’ to coincide with London Fashion Week. She floated huge inflatable Chubby Hearts over 29 prominent landmarks in the Capital. The iconic locations included Covent Garden, Leicester Square, and Westminster Cathedral Piazza. The hearts were launched appropriately on Valentine’s Day.

This year, it wasn’t nearly as complicated an undertaking. The project was on a much smaller scale but we still wanted to make an impact.

Wellington Arch with Chubby Heart

We installed a giant inflatable Chubby Heart at the Wellington Arch in Hyde Park Corner, Park Lane this Valentine’s Day. We made it 5.5m wide to fit perfectly inside the arch. Doesn’t it look fantastic?! Once again, we inflated it to coincide with London Fashion Week. We got a staggering amount of social media coverage.

Anya’s Chubby Hearts have become a recognised symbol of London, sharing the love for both Valentines Day and our Capital city. And of course, celebrating London’s leading role on the international fashion stage.

Chubby heart in Wellington Arch

Adam Blackmore-Heal, Press Officer and Photographer for the Household Cavalry, took the wonderful photo above of the Queen’s Life Guards. He has kindly given us permission to reproduce it and also share the following video of us taking down the Chubby Heart.

Anya’s Chubby Hearts have really captured the public imagination. They have popped up all over social media. It has been great to be part of this special campaign. Check out the great images on instagram #CHUBBYhearts. You can discover more about last year’s huge project in our Anya Hindmarch’s Chubby Hearts case study and in last February news post.

If you have a design project like Anya, ring us on 01295 278600 or email us. We are experts at creating custom inflatables. Our professional team will also manage logistics. Let’s get your project up and flying!