Inflatable Pacman suspended in workshop

Inflatables for Pacman, Smirnoff & the Nigerian Elections!

It has been a busy start to the New Year here at ABC Inflatables. In January we undertook several small but spectacular projects. Three very different commissions for promotional inflatables

promotional inflatable pacman


For instance, we made a giant 3 meter diameter inflatable Pacman for our client, who used it at a big convention. They got masses of attention thanks to the giant inflatable Pacman on the stand. You couldn’t miss it!

inflatable pacman

Then we made some lovely sealed-air inflatable fruit slices for Smirnoff, together with an inflatable ‘eyebrow’, as they call it, of their Smirnoff logo.

smirnoff inflatables

They will be used this year for promotions at different clubs and events. Air-filled and suspended inside the venues, they will look fantastic. Don’t they look delicious? It will have to be a very large glass of Vodka indeed to take one of our inflatable fruit slices!

promotional inflatables for smirnoff


While we were making these sealed-air inflatables, Tim was busy art-working two helium-filled blimps for our sister Nigerian company, ABC Inflatables Nigeria. They were to be used during the General Elections for the President, Vice President and the National Assembly.

inflatable blimps

We have been supplying blimps to Nigeria for many years now. Blimps are a great way to publicise a client’s branding or message. They work particularly well for political messages and we have supplied blimps to all six quadrennial Nigerian elections since 1999!

inflatable blimps

Do you have an unusual job for us that requires promotional inflatables? Why not contact us here or give us a ring on 01295 278600 and have a chat with our expert team. We can supply everything, from branded promotional inflatables to giant inflatable characters. Or do you need inflatable product replicas or special inflatable shapes? We can even create inflatable costumes! Or perhaps you just want a blimp emblazoned with your message? Whatever your requirements, we can help get your message out there in an original and eye-catching way.