Inflatables for art installation for Cultural Olympics

If you saw the inflatable art exhibition during the Cultural Olympics, you probably saw some of our pieces. We were asked to help produce inflatable art for a unique installation in East London and it was a real honour to get involved.

We supported two London artists, Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne, in their installation called ‘LOVE’, at Poplar Baths. This collection of brightly coloured inflatable sculptures was a mixture of suspended and some free-standing pieces. The Frieze Foundation curated and produced the installation for Frieze Projects East. The London 2012 Festival and CREATE commissioned this programme as part of London’s Olympic celebrations.

Custom Inflatables for Art Installation

We really enjoy collaborating with artists to help create imaginative and unusual inflatable art pieces. Over the years we have had a wide range of experience working with artists. Sometimes we work on high-profile creative projects with few limits. At other times we work hard to balance aesthetic considerations with practical and budgetary requirements.

Giant inflatables commissioned by The Frieze Foundation

If you are an artist looking to incorporate inflatables into your work, do give us a ring on 01295 278600 or email us. Since 2012 we have really enjoyed working with Nicholas Byrne, Amy Pennington and Anya Hindmarch, among others so we would love to discuss your project and how we can help.

Inflatable art installation at the Cultural Olympics

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