Inflatable Arch for the BBC

Great British Story team photographed in front of inflatable arch

We created this beautiful inflatable tubular arch for a BBC tour of events to accompany the series The Great British Story: A People’s History. The arch travelled to England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland as part of the BBC Learning campaign and proved very popular. Doesn’t the artwork look fantastic?

Giant inflatable archway providing entrance to BBC's The Great British Story

Bespoke inflatable arches are a great way to attract attention and mark the opening or start of your event. We use various techniques to add anything from detailed pictures to simple logos to our custom inflatables. This one is a fantastic example of the ornate artwork that our team can create for your business.

The BBC had this to say about the inflatable arch we made for them:

“Many thanks! It really did make the event and provided the perfect branding and entrance…”

BBC team photographed in front of inflatable arch

From races to rallies, concerts to conferences, inflatable arches draw visitors and lend an air of exclusivity to your event. We make them in a variety of sizes and we can install them for you if you’d like us to. Just give us a call on 01295 278600 or email us and we can create an inflatable arch for you. We’ll make to your own specific requirements and decorate it with your own unique artwork.