Dome of inflatable spheres at Coachella

Dome of Ever Changing Light at Coachella Festival, California

people at night inside lit dome of inflatable spheres

We love this spectacular glowing dome of inflatable spheres! Our client asked us to work with a team to design and install this stunning display for Coachella in April 2013. In case you don’t already know, Coachella is a world-famous music festival in California. Héctor Serrano, the award-winning Spanish product designer, conceived the project. We were thrilled that he asked us to get involved! In 2009 we collaborated with him on a giant helium-filled inflatable for Phish Festival 8 also in California, so it was a huge compliment when he included us in this project. We were delighted to help Serrano bring his innovative and artistic vision to life. Together, we created this incredible dome of light, using our inflatable spheres.

Wall of inflatable spheres
We made nearly 2000 sealed air inflatable spheres of varying sizes into which Serrano inserted different coloured LED lights. He then used a computerised system to generate around 50 different sequences of colour and light. Serrano was able to create infinite patterns and possibilities and give festival-goers a unique experience.

silhouetted people inside green lit dome at night
As you can see in the pictures, this dome of ever changing light created a fabulous setting. We like to think that the annual Coachella music festival was exceptionally good in 2013! Héctor used these spheres to revitalise the Coachella dome with an awesome new look and feel.

silhouetted people inside lit dome at festival

The ancient Pantheon in Rome inspired Serrano so he wanted to immerse the visitors in a360º unique experience. Because of this, the installation resembled a cathedral of light. The dome works as immersive environment when inside and as a large scale sculpture when viewed from the outside.

silhouette against blue lit inflatable spheres inside dome at night

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festival goers inside dome of inflatable spheres lit at night

Photos: Jakiens