classic cars and balloon lights

ABC Light Balloons Illuminate Successful Race Retro Sale

katebarlow Exhibition Inflatables, Inflatable Lights

Silverstone Auctions had a fantastic start to their Auction year at the Race Retro Show held at Stoneleigh Park in February. The auction catalogue was full of stunning competition and classic cars and total sales were £4.6 million over the weekend. We like to think we helped in our own small way with the classic cars being flatteringly illuminated by our …

inflatable letter A illuminated at party

Inflatable Letter A for Bat Mitzvah

abc_admin Inflatable Letters, Inflatable Lights

We created a giant inflatable letter ‘A’ for a Bat Mitzvah celebration in March. Ava’s party was at the Horticultural Halls in Central London. Our inflatable letter ‘A’ took centre stage! The inflatable letter ‘A’ was 5 meters high and shocking pink. So you certainly couldn’t miss it! It co-ordinated perfectly with the other decorations and really set off the party. …

an auction of classic cars illuminated by ABC Inflatables light balloons

Light Balloons Throw Light on Classic Cars

katebarlow Inflatable Lights

Classic Car Auctions had a very successful Christmas Sale on Saturday 5th December. They sold an amazing 75 cars with a record total sales value of over £770,000. We like to think we helped in our own small way with the ABC Light Balloons we supplied. They illuminated the auction held at The Warwickshire Exhibition Centre. Don’t they look great? …

Dome of inflatable spheres at Coachella

Dome of Ever Changing Light at Coachella Festival, California

katebarlow Inflatable Art, Inflatable Lights, Theatre and Film Inflatables

We love this spectacular glowing dome of inflatable spheres! Our client asked us to work with a team to design and install this stunning display for Coachella in April 2013. In case you don’t already know, Coachella is a world-famous music festival in California. Héctor Serrano, the award-winning Spanish product designer, conceived the project. We were thrilled that he asked us to …