Large inflatable RA in front of Royal Academy

Light Balloons and Inflatable Letters

tethered inflatable light sphere in dark workshop

We have brought over from our company in France a range of both helium-filled inflatable light balloons and also air-filled light balloons on stands.

suspended inflatable light sphere in workshop

You can either buy a light balloon with your choice of logo printed on it, or you can rent a light balloon from us – a great solution if you are planning a one-off event on a budget. Our rented light balloons can also be branded with a clients logo or message by the application of vinyl cut letters.

inflatable light sphere on a stand

Light balloons add that extra dimension when inflated with helium and floated over an exhibition stand, or use the air-filled light balloons as an unusual way to illuminate an evening event.

Inflatable sphere on stand with light in it in dark room

Our giant helium-filled inflatable letters also make a dramatic statement. We made these for the Preview night of the Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy.

Inflatable sphere on stand with light in it in dark room

These giant helium-filled inflatable letters were made in our special gold material and looked fantastic floating against the magnificent classical façade of the Royal Academy.

Large inflatable RA in front of Royal Academy

They were an eye-catching way of letting all the privileged guests know who their generous host was on the night and the illumination of them, as the sun went down, made them look even more spectacular.

For exhibition inflatables and more, contact us or give us a ring on 01295 278600 if we can help light up your event.

Gold inflatable letters outside Royal Academy