giant inflatable betty boo

Inflatable Art for Nicholas Byrne

These pieces of inflatable art are updated designs by the artist Nicholas Byrne.

Nicholas Byrne artwork - Gold torso of a boy

We originally made a number of inflatables for him to feature at The Cultural Olympics in London 2012. So successful were they – and universally admired – that we subsequently made another giant inflatable ‘Betty Boo’ artpiece that went to the Glasgow International Art Festival last year. Now we have produced a further variation on the same theme for Neon Foundation, Athens in collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery, London.

giant inflatable betty boo

We have been commissioned to create many and varied inflatables over the last twenty years. Both ‘Betty Boo’ and ‘Gold Torso of a Boy’ will be shown in the exhibition ‘Terrapolis’ at the French School in Athens until the end of July.

If you feel inspired to commission a bespoke inflatable from us, ring us on 01295 278600. We have the expertise to make your design a success.