Giant suspended inflatable planets

From Inflatable Planets to Plumbers

Giant inflatable planets suspended from workshop ceiling

Over the twenty years ABC Inflatables has been in business, lots of customers asked if we can make inflatable planets. It should be relatively straight-forward to create inflatable spheres to represent the planets in our solar system. However, it wasn’t possible to get our balloon material printed to a particularly high standard – until now.

Giant suspended inflatable planets

The vast improvement in modern printing techniques has made an amazing difference. When asked to produce some inflatable planets for a conference in July, we were over the moon with the results! And so was our client. The printing is superb as these photos taken in our workshop show. Whether the inflatable planets are to be helium-filled to float, or air-filled and suspended, the print quality remains the same. Absolutely out of this world!

giant inflatable planet spheres

In the same month, ABC Inflatables produced a life-size helium-filled inflatable representation of a transporter van belonging to Pimlico Plumbers.  Originally commissioned for display in this years Lord Mayor’s Show in November, we completed the order in time for them to float it above their exhibition stand at the annual SouthWestFest Show that they sponsor.  Sometimes you just cannot wait to use a good thing…

Pimlico plumbers inflatable van for exhibition

 Give us a ring on 01295 278600 to chat about your inflatable ideas. We can create an inflatable with the WOW factor to really highlight your business!

inflatable plumbers van in workshop