inflatable letter A illuminated at party

Inflatable Letter A for Bat Mitzvah

We created a giant inflatable letter ‘A’ for a Bat Mitzvah celebration in March. Ava’s party was at the Horticultural Halls in Central London. Our inflatable letter ‘A’ took centre stage!

Inflatable letter A for party

The inflatable letter ‘A’ was 5 meters high and shocking pink. So you certainly couldn’t miss it! It co-ordinated perfectly with the other decorations and really set off the party.  We worked together with lighting designer Lucy Record from Beam Lighting.  We lit up the inside of the inflatable with hundreds of bright pink LEDs. As a result, it glowed with a very flattering and atmospheric pink light. Doesn’t it look amazing?!

Inflatable letters are a great way to jazz up a party and make a dramatic statement. We can custom make them to your required size and colour to match your decor. And we also work with lighting solutions. Why not light them up to make even more of an impact, just like we did for Ava’s party!

Inflatable letter A in workshop

ABC has made hundreds of inflatable letters over the years. We created giant gold helium-filled ones for the Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy. Furthermore, we have also used illuminations in many of the projects we have worked on. We also made the inflatables for the Dome of light at Coachella Festival. Our simple light balloons are also very popular because they are practical as well as stylish.  Combining inflatables and illuminations can really lend a real sense of drama to your event.

Inflatable letter illuminated

Just who wouldn’t want a giant shocking pink inflatable of the first letter of their name?! Most of all, Ava loved it and it definitely gave her party the WOW factor.

If you would like us to make an inflatable letter for someone’s special day, ring us on 01295 278600. We can tell you more about light balloons and illuminated inflatables too.

Inflatable letter illuminated as party decoration