3 Forever Living tetra pak replica inflatables

Inflatable Product Replicas for Forever Living and Elle & Vire

inflatable product replicas for Forever Living

In April, we made some inflatable product replicas to showcase new product designs from Forever Living. They were creating new packaging for their ever popular Aloe Vera range. It was great to work with their design company on such an important project. Although Forever Living is a household name, bringing new designs to market is always a tricky business! 

Forever Living inflatable product replicas

Forever Living wanted giant inflatable product replicas of their new Tetra Paks. It is quite a difficult shape to reproduce! As an inflatable, it naturally wants to blow round. The solution is to make a square shape with a complex internal structure to hold all the sides together. To disguise this, we then make a fitted cover to go over the top. ‘Double-skinned’ as we call it.

Three inflatable product replicas for Forever Living

We made three 4 meter tall sealed air inflatables, each one printed all round with the new design. We think they look fantastic and so did Forever Living! The inflatables were shipped to Dallas in Texas, USA, where the new packaging was unveiled at an annual global convention. The assembled franchisees then watched a presentation introducing the new design. Everyone was enthusiastic about the new packaging and also about our inflatables! So much so, that another attendee asked us to make some smaller inflatable product replicas of Tetra Paks for them too.

Elle & Vire Product Replicas for POS

inflatable product replicas for Elle & Vire

Coincidentally, at the same time as we made these giant inflatable Tetra Paks, we also made some small Tetra Paks for our French company. Their client wanted to create in-store POS (point of sale) displays.

Elle & Vire inflatable product replicas

 These inflatable product replicas are of a best-selling cream carton for Elle & Vire. They are only 150cms tall and they wanted 100 pieces. So we had them made through our office in the Far East, who specialise in smaller size sealed air inflatables in much larger quantities.

These go in to supermarkets and are a really eye-catching way of promoting Elle & Vire’s product. Aren’t they great? Elle & Vire are delighted with the effective impact they make on customers.

Inflatable carton for Elle and Vire

If you would like us to make some inflatable product replicas for you to showcase your products, contact us here or give us a call at 01295 278600.