classic cars and balloon lights

ABC Light Balloons Illuminate Successful Race Retro Sale

Silverstone Auctions had a fantastic start to their Auction year at the Race Retro Show held at Stoneleigh Park in February.

The auction catalogue was full of stunning competition and classic cars and total sales were £4.6 million over the weekend.

We like to think we helped in our own small way with the classic cars being flatteringly illuminated by our ABC Light Balloons.

You can hire portable light balloons from us, complete with high quality stainless steel stands. The stands extend up to 5 meters high so that your illuminated branding can be seen even in the biggest of halls or exhibition centres.

The ABC Light Balloons have an in built fan that is continuously running to keep the balloon canopy inflated with air. It then has high output internal lighting that has minimal glare and illuminates a large 360 degree area with a soft, homogenous light – ideal for showing off classic cars in their best light!

If you would like to rent one of our ABC Light Balloons or perhaps purchase a light balloon for yourself or a client then please give Mark or Gill a call on 01295 278600 or email us