NHS staff with giant inflatable rainbow at Covent Garden

Giant Inflatable Rainbow over Covent Garden

When Covent Garden came to us with the idea of floating a giant inflatable rainbow over their site we agreed that it would be a great idea. What better way could there be to demonstrate the hope we all share that better times are around the corner?

What’s more the rainbow has become the symbol of not only hope but appreciation for what the NHS were and are doing for all of us and so the giant inflatable rainbow represented a huge Thank You to all the NHS staff and also to all the key workers.

The event took place with the first easing of ‘lockdown’ which was also coincidentally around the same time that we would normally be making balloons to celebrate Pride in London for clients. The inflatable rainbow could not have been better timed!

The inflatable rainbow really was a big one as it was approximately 10m in size. When it was floating at its full height of 30m/100 feet over Covent Garden, it could be seen from all the surrounding streets. A spectacular site marking inflatable, if ever there was one! The rainbow features on the Covent Garden website and images popped up on social media channels and online news sites too, which provided fantastic publicity for the organisers.

And when the weather conditions were not suitable for it to be flying high in the sky it presented irresistible opportunities for ‘selfies’ and photos of family and friends when it floated just above ground level at an ideal height for camera phones to photograph it in front of the iconic Covent Garden entrance.

So if we can help you find your pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow, inflatable of course, please contact us here at ABC Inflatables Ltd or just send us an email!