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Light Balloons


These attractive balloon lights are an ideal choice if you are looking for branded lighting. They also look stunning without any branding and really live up to their nickname of moon-lights. These lights give you glare-free illumination and make a big impression in any large public space. Make a statement with your lighting or create attractive effect with these impressive large glowing spheres.

Balloon lights provide an excellent alternative to traditional lighting towers for open spaces, car parks or events where temporary portable lighting is vital. For a truly incredible effect, we can provide balloons and helium gas to inflate them. You can then float these moon lights in the air above your site. They fly a few metres above the ground so the spread of light is equivalent to a huge bank of lights sitting at ground level.

Helium balloon lighting is both attractive and effective which is why it is popular for weddings, large indoor functions and outdoor events. Light balloons make a striking alternative to traditional lighting rigs and save your guests from that horrible “rabbit in the headlights” feeling as they pass nearby. You will create a far more relaxing and enjoyable ambience with diffused, glare-free moon lights.

Temporary Branded Lighting

We can brand these lights and they are functional as well as pretty. They provide flexible, temporary lighting for weddings, car parks, festivals and concerts. They contain powerful internal halogen light units that give a bright and uniform light output with minimum glare. This illuminates a large 360 degree area of up to 1000 m2 (depending on output of internal lamps.)

Balloon lighting systems are also perfect for construction and road building sites and in industrial and emergency situations.

If you need it, we offer a balloon that directs the light downwards to give strong, glare-free light. This illuminates a 360 degree area which allows your team to work safely and effectively in the dark. The light covers an area of up to 3000 square meters and the balloons can be moved easily when required.

Our moon lights are available to buy with or without helium or you can hire a balloon lighting system for occasional use. Contact us here or to talk to Mark Shears on 01295 278600 for more information on our light balloons and prices or email: sales@abcinflatables.co.uk.