replica inflatable toothpaste tube + custom inflatables london

What a great start to the New Year!

It was only a few weeks before Christmas 2019 that we were asked if we could make some unusual shapes to be helium filled to float outdoors in London early in the New Year?!

We soon found out that the unusual shapes were all in fact toothpaste related and that the event was to be held next to the London Eye on the Thames Embankment.

The client sent us visuals of the client’s products and logos and we confirmed we could make the unusual shapes to float and that we could supply Helium gas as part of our service. After making a site visit we also confirmed that the proposed area next to the London Aquarium, at what was City Hall, was a feasible location for flying the custom inflatables.

helium filled inflatables at london eye

All we needed now was good weather – and London, England is not renowned for its balmy climate in early January!

Perhaps we were the ones that were barmy, as we worked all over the Christmas holiday to produce the inflatables. Our efforts paid off though and we had them and all our ABC crew ready for the client’s event. The inflatables flew in front of Gillray’s Restaurant and Bar, overlooking the Thames and the London Eye, on the first weekend in January.

As you can see from the attached photos the weather was very kind to us. Although there were the expected eddies and gusts of wind coming off the river, the inflatables performed exactly as predicted and the event was a great success.  The client Sensodyne were absolutely thrilled with the inflatables we had made of their products and their Chinese client’s logos.

So if we can help you promote your product or logo in an unusual or eye catching way don’t hesitate to contact the professionals  – ABC Inflatables.

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