Inflatable Michelin Man

Inflatable Michelin Men

Everyone loves the Michelin’s inflatable man! He is instantly recognisable, isn’t he? This giant inflatable is a great example of a well-known logo that has become loved the world over. He has a curvy shape which is perfect when it comes to turning Monsieur Michelin into an inflatable man!

We made these two cold air filled Michelin men so they could be inflated with a mains operated fan blower. This made them easy for the client to erect and kept the operating costs down.  Don’t they look fantastic? If you spotted one of these inflatable men standing on top of a garage, you’d instantly know it was a Michelin tyre outlet.

Inflatable Michelin Man

You can use our huge inflatable characters to attract attention to your business. If you have a mascot or company logo we can make this larger than life too. One of the reasons the Michelin Man works so well is that he doesn’t have any straight lines or corners. We can create giant inflatable characters from square shapes but we’ll always check that the client is happy with the design first.

A giant inflatable man – or whatever shape you choose – will create instant interest in your business. They are also incredibly easy to inflate and manage. Think of the attention you will get from passing traffic and pedestrians with your inflatable mascot looming large on the skyline!

Give us a ring on 01295 278600 to discuss how one of our giant inflatable characters can shout your message from the rooftops…