Two inflatable military men

Inflatable Soldiers for the Royal Navy

There’s nothing quite like giant inflatable soldiers to attract attention, especially in a crowd!

When the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines wanted our help with their recruitment campaign, we came up with the idea of creating these huge inflatable soldiers to really publicise their search for new recruits. Don’t they look impressive? You certainly couldn’t miss them!

Two inflatable military men

We produced these special inflatable shapes using a blown up silhouette of the photographs we had been given. We had the image of each military man digitally printed and then sewed on to the inflatables for a perfect fit. The inflatables were continuously cold air filled with a mains operated fan blower which made them easy to manage. At 6m tall, they towered over visitors to county shows and the other outdoor events where the Navy was recruiting, attracting a lot of positive attention and really making their presence felt.

We relish the challenge of making these kind of special custom inflatables, and finding the best and most practical way of helping our clients make a real splash with their advertising. If you want help devising a unique or unusual idea for a custom inflatable advertising to help support your campaign, give us a ring on 01295 278600 and see what ABC Inflatables can do for you.