inflatable art on steps at Battersea Arts Centre

Sealed Air Inflatables at Battersea

inflatable art on steps at Battersea Arts Centre

The artist Amy Pennington called us in August with a special commission. We really enjoy working with artists and helping them create their vision in its inflatable form. We particularly enjoy these creative – and sometimes challenging – projects.

Amy is contributing to a production called ‘Town Hall Cherubs’ at Battersea Arts Centre.  We made a series of small character sealed air inflatables for a part of the show entitled ‘Little Friends’. Aren’t they adorable?!

artist Amy Pennington's inflatable characters

Sealed Air Inflatables can be made to your particular specifications. Just like we did for Amy and previously for artist Nicholas Byrne.  We have created many special inflatables over the last twenty years. So we have the expertise to make your design a success.

Our inflatables can create an amazing visual impact like the fantastic pieces of art Amy commissioned.

Amy Pennington's inflatable characters on steps at Battersea Arts Centre

Why not consider an artistic sealed air inflatable to promote your business? We could make a giant version of your product for you to display! It is a unique and effective way to promote your presence at an event.

ABC Inflatables can make most sizes and shapes of sealed air inflatables suitable for you to use indoors or outdoors. What’s more, we can even make large quantities of small sealed air product replicas that you can use for in-store promotions or even giveaways.

Pennington's inflatable characters in art exhibition

Sealed air inflatables are a cost-effective and high-impact way to get your customer’s attention – just like Amy Pennington will surely grab the audience’s attention at her show with her fabulous little friends! Give us a ring on 01295 278600 and see how we can help.