inflatable angry bird in workshop

Inflatable Character Angry Bird at Olympia

inflatable angry bird in workshop

We made this giant helium-filled inflatable character of Angry Bird to float over a client’s exhibition stand. It was around 2.5m diameter and took two cylinders of helium gas to inflate.

inflatable angry bird in workshop

ABC Inflatables can make your mascot or company logo larger than life. Our inflatable characters are easily filled with either helium to float, or cold air to be suspended, and they create instant interest in your product and company. Who could miss a giant inflatable penguin, a huge inflatable snake or a colossal angry bird! It is a clever way to maximise your marketing opportunities, putting the wasted space above an exhibition stand to excellent use.

angry bird inflatable hovers over exhibition stand

With care, our inflatable characters are easy to transport and can be used again and again. They are also very easy to inflate, although we do offer an installation service if required.

angry bird at exhibition

Angry Bird was an eye-catching and cost-effective way for our client to draw the crowds to their stand at Olympia. He really was the star of the show! If you are interested in an inflatable character to help your business stand out, give us a ring on 01295278600.