Hot air balloon inflatables and other giant balloons

Lots of people have been asking us for giant inflatable advertising spheres recently, so we’ve been kept busy designing and making giant balloons and hot air balloon inflatables too. It’s wonderful to know that Spring is underway and life is returning to normal again. Bring on the festivals and sports events!

The sphere shape is a wonderful design for an inflatable thanks to the flexibility it offers. With sophisticated printing and skilled hand painting techniques, we can make incredible products that are guaranteed to amaze your audiences. As you can see from our images, a sphere can be transformed into a stunning hot air balloon, complete with a basket beneath or it can be kept simple with a clear focus on advertising your brand or your product. It’s a perfect way to grab your customers’ attention. If one of the requirements in your marketing project brief is to capture share of audience on social media then a giant hot air balloon or an impressive helium filled sphere is a great asset. Getting user generated content is no problem at all when you have the perfect backdrop for a selfie with your logo or message in a prominent position on an inflatable. Whether you are providing information to potential customers or driving purchasing decisions, you will discover you can use an inflatable in so many different ways.

Depending on the event and any other structures in the vicinity, we will design, manufacture and install your inflatable shape to deliver the experience you are seeking. Our team has earned a reputation for reliability throughout the UK for providing honest advice and we have never let a customer down since we started our business in Banbury, UK.

Our experienced staff will help you choose between a sphere or a hot air balloon that is helium filled or air filled. If you choose an air filled shape, we can arrange for it to be suspended in a building or air filled and ground based. Perhaps you would prefer to position your sphere on top of an exhibition stand or similar?

Whatever your requirements, we can deliver – even air filled spheres to sit on a plinth; the back of a lorry as you see here at the Lord Mayor’s Show or even on a wicker basket to create the impression of a traditional hot air balloon shape.

You can really bring the idea of a floating Hot Air Balloon to life with a helium filled inflatable, as you can see at Vauxhall Gardens in London. You need to choose a sphere, at the right size, for helium to be a practical option but it will look incredible as it floats above your festival or even in a retail environment.

If we can help bring your company to life with a sphere please call us on 01295 278600 or email Mark or Gill to discuss your project.