Large inflatable black and white cow with udder

Cold air-filled inflatables for an eye-catching August!

August has been just as busy as July. We made a series of slightly unusual cold air-filled inflatables to be used at different outdoor events.

giant inflatable cow

The first of our cold air-filled inflatables for August was our giant Cow. Our good friend and artist Mark Sephton, designed her. Doesn’t she look brilliant?! Everyone loves a giant inflatable animal and she certainly made everyone smile. Harper Adams University commissioned her to make sure no one could miss their stand at the Royal Welsh Show. That’s just not going to happen, is it?

huge duck cold air-filled inflatables

We also made an absolutely huge 10 meter high inflatable Duck.  Definitely one of the largest cold air-filled inflatables we have ever made! It was so big we couldn’t inflate it inside our unit, so we had to photograph it locally where there was enough room to inflate it. It will certainly do the job when it goes on display at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.  No one will be able to miss it, even at the world’s biggest computer games trade fair!

cold air-filled inflatables Travis Scott head

On a slightly more manageable scale, the last of August’s cold air-filled inflatables was a head for an American rap star. How cool is that?! We operated it at several London venues to promote the new album release by Travis Scott here in the UK. The album ‘Astroworld’ features a giant gold inflatable Travis Scott head on the cover, which we replicated. It was great fun, particularly on board a boat sailing up and down the River Thames.

Travis Scott gold inflatable head on boat on River Thames

So as you can see, August was full of quirky projects. We love making unusual commissions and absolutely relish the challenge of creating something a bit out of the ordinary. Whether you want a giant inflatable cow, a colossal inflatable duck or a gold inflatable head, you’ve come to the right place! Why not give us a ring on 01295 278600 and have a chat about a custom cold air-filled inflatables. They are such a fun and eye-catching way to grab people’s attention. Imagine what it might do for your business!