Blimp Hire

Inflatables to rent, from ground based inflatables to blimps, to promote your event or project. An affordable and novel way to promote your business!

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Hire a blimp from us and let people know who you are and where you are. They will see you from a considerable distance away.

We also offer cold air filled inflatables that will sit in your car park or on a canopy or flat roof to draw attention from passing traffic. For a one or two day promotion or even a bit longer, you could rent a branded site marking blimp which will fly 200ft high in the sky and make an eye-catching addition to your exhibition or show stand.

Alternatively, you might prefer one of our fun yet practical ground based inflatables. These inflatables are easy to use. They are simply inflated with a mains operated fan blower.

We supply the inflatable, the blower and the tether lines. At the flick of a switch you have a giant inflatable up to 20ft tall that nobody could fail to spot!