• Honda sphere supported on a pillar
  • Honda sphere supported above exhibition stand
  • Bristol branded sphere with guy lines
  • UEFA Cup Final branded sphere
  • Enormous blue globe for Northrop Grumman exhibition
  • Marquis Caravans exhibition sphere
  • Dafy Moto spheres in our workshop
  • Dafy Moto exhibition inflatables
  • Suspended exhibition sphere for Castrol
  • Sporting event inflatables
  • Pepsi Max helium filled sphere
  • Inflatable spheres for LinkedIn promotion
  • LinkedIn branded giant balls
  • IRFU branded giant sphere
  • inflatable spheres at rugby match

Exhibition Spheres

Make your brand unmissable with an inflatable exhibition sphere! An eye-catching addition to your exhibition stand which extends your brand reach


When you walk into a crowded exhibition hall, you will quickly spot the businesses with inflatable spheres overhead. If you want to draw attention to your exhibition stand, choose a giant inflatable sphere! We can make you a large, branded sphere, or a totally different shape, for you to use indoors or at outdoor events. You’ll see examples of various exciting exhibition spheres and shapes in our News section including a collection of amazing giant silver chrome spheres for events in Berlin and Barcelona.

Hassle-free inflatable spheres

We usually create exhibition spheres and custom shapes (like inflatable Angry Birds or clouds!) in our workshop, here in Banbury. They can be filled with helium to fly or cold air filled to be suspended. Because we hand-paint the artwork, we deliver a first-class result in the quickest possible time. All our inflatable exhibition shapes and spheres are manufactured to a very high standard. If you are careful, you’ll find you can install them and take them down many times. They are easy to transport and we provide an installation service if you need it. You will find that this is very easy to do so you might prefer to handle your own installations. Regardless of who installs your inflatable sphere, we can store it and carry out repairs if you ever need them.

Successful spheres!

Our exhibition spheres are so successful that many of our exhibition contractor clients come back over and over again for more. We even have some clients who are so pleased with the positive results they have more than one sphere! Put your exhibition stand head and shoulders above the rest!

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