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  • NatWest branded clapper tubes for cricket sponsorship
  • Branded inflatable clapper tubes for sporting events
  • Inflatable clapper tubes for Engage Mutual Assurance

Inflatable Clapper Tubes

Simple to use, branded with your logo or message; Clappers Tubes are a fantastic way to engage spectators and get the crowd to promote your brand.


Clappers Tubes are fun items for crowd and spectator distribution. Simply inflate them by mouth and you have a branded promotional item that creates lots of entertainment for everyone.

Clients say they love using these products for eye-catching branded promotions. The clapper tubes are artworked in your corporate colours and with your logo or message. You can distribute them to the crowd at any event you may be sponsoring, or even use them for guerrilla marketing.

Simply inflate them, clap them together, hear the noise and see your brand take over with an event inflatable!