• pepsi
  • Yop product replicas, inflated for testing in a room
  • 4 inflatable Pritt stick replicas outside ABC Inflatables' workshop
  • Man standing next to inflatable product replicas for L'Oréal
  • Inflatable lozenges for Fraicheur standing in workshop
  • ambre solaire bottle0001 (1)
  • 3 Reggae Reggae sauce inflatable replica bottles
  • Partially artworked Black Tower wine bottle at ABC's workshop in Banbury
  • 000_1804
  • Inflatable tetra pak Alpro Soya milk in workshop
  • DSCN2574
  • Inflatable Bacardi Oakheart bottle in ABC Inflatables workshop
  • 100_0411
  • 2 giant inflatable replica water bottles branded PruHealth
  • Inflatable replica product deodorant for supermarket POS
  • Giant product replica Alvalle Gaspacho inflatables
  • Inflatable replica Juice Burst bottle in ABC Inflatables workshop
  • Giant product replica inflatable Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick with lady in workshop
  • Room filled with inflatable gold Lindt Bunnies
  • Inflatable product replica
  • sensodyne tmall club custom inflatables by gillray's restaurant
  • P1090910
  • wine bottles (1)
  • 000_1173
  • Huge inflatable Gatorade bottle in workshop
  • DSCN0001

Inflatable Product Replicas

Cold air filled with a mains operated fan blower or sealed so that once inflated they stay inflated, giant inflatable replicas can be made in all shapes and sizes. What could be a more eye catching way of drawing attention to your product than an inflatable product replica?



There’s something appealing about inflatable product replicas of all sizes. They often look like a cuddly version of a familiar design, thanks to their rounded corners and curvy shape. Perhaps this is why people always stop and look and kids love inflatable product replicas!

If you want to spread your message far and wide, you can give away small sealed air replicas. Children enjoy them and even adults will often pop one on their desks when they get back to the office.

We also help clients create a huge impact with a giant inflatable replica. Clients often choose these for sporting events and roadshows where they need something that is compact and easy handle when they move it around. Once you are on site, simply attach the blower and you can get your product replica inflated quickly and cheaply. Clients love them!

If you want something that will grab everyone’s attention and get your brand onto social media, this is a great option. We have clients who use their inflatable product replicas and a focal point for awareness raising campaigns, online and offline. Anya Hindmarch’s Chubby Hearts Over London were a fantastic example of how effective this can be.

Contact us and ask our experienced team about using inflatable product replicas for your business. Call us on 01295 278600 or send us an email.