Dafy Moto Giant Inflatable Arches

Giant Inflatable Arches with a Continental Flavour!

March has been a busy month here at ABC Inflatables and we have had a surprising number of requests for giant inflatable arches!

Peugeot Giant Inflatable Arches

What’s more, there has been a continental flavour to them. We received orders for the Montrail Arch and Feather Flags from Switzerland and then the Peugeot and Dafy Moto arches were ordered through our French office.

montrail feather flags in black and white

Don’t they look impressive? They are certainly eye-catching! All our European friends at the companies we have worked with are delighted with the results.

Montrail Giant Inflatable Arches

Giant inflatable arches are a great way to draw attention to your event or exhibition. They are ideal for marking the start and end of a race, which makes them very popular at sporting events. Our inflatable arches appear at marathons and triathlons and athletics competitions, as well as motor racing rallies and cycling events. We can make them just the right size for people to pass under. Equally, we can make you a larger one that spans a road for motor vehicles to drive through.

Dafy Moto Giant Inflatable Arches

Branded inflatable arches

You can choose from two basic designs for inflatable arches. The first and most simple design is the tubular arch. The second type has 4 upright legs with a supporting inflatable wall between them to give extra stability. You have plenty of space on both types where we can add your logo or slogan. Discover more examples of our giant inflatables arches.

Blue & White giant inflatable arches for Peugeot


Dafy Moto red and black giant inflatable arches

The lovely Subaru Arch is staying here in the UK and being moved around from point-to-point horse race meetings, so if you follow the gee-gees you might see it at a meeting near you!

Subaru giant inflatable arches

If you look closely you will spot another four-legged animal in the picture – our temporary office dog,  our flat-coated Retriever Barney!

All our inflatable arches are bespoke so we can make them to your exact requirements, so do give us a call on 01295 278600 or email us to chat about your project.