Black inflatable tent for the Army

Inflatable Tents for the British Army

We were very proud when the British Army asked us to make some inflatable tents for them. When they contacted us in February, they explained they wanted these inflatable tents to provide quick and simple cover for outdoor exhibitions. We were delighted to get involved.

We already supply the Army Reserves with their site marking blimps. You might have seen these before because the Army moves them around to different recruitment areas, events and exhibitions. They were so impressed by the success of their blimps that they came back to us for their inflatable tents.

Making and testing inflatable tents

An ABC inflatable blimp made for the British Army

It was an honour for us to get involved with this project. We produced a small quantity of inflatable tents for both the Queen’s Own Yeomanry and for the 101 Regiment Royal Artillery. You can see how we pressure tested each inflatable tent in our workshop before we sent it out.

One of our ABC inflatable tents for the British Army

Inflatable tents are ridiculously easy to erect! The added beauty of them is that, once inflated with a small blower, they will stay inflated. There is no need to use a fan blower to continuously blow air into them to keep them upright. This makes them so much easier and more straightforward to use.

We made this black inflatable tent for the army

It was also really important for the Army to make the inflatable tents easy to transport and store. Although they are approximately 5 meters in diameter when inflated – providing instant shelter from our inclement British weather! – like any inflatable, they fold down really small. So deflating them, packing them away and moving them around is an absolute doddle.

This blue inflatable tent was made by ABC for the army

We think these inflatable tents look fantastic and are perfect for any organisation wanting a quick and easy solution to outdoor all-weather exhibiting. They work particularly well at festivals. They are really eye-catching, and at a busy event will provide instant visibility for your logo or company message. Our inflatable tents are hugely practical while also offering a great promotional opportunity!

The British Army asked us to make this blue inflatable tent

We are delighted to have been able to help the British Army once again develop and deliver an important piece of their kit! We are great believers in their slogan ‘Be the Best’.

Black army blimp showing slogan 'Be the Best'

From inflatable tents to…

Do you have any specific requirements for custom-made inflatables? We can help you create something special for an exhibition, private function or public event. You can also rent an inflatable marquee or a standard event shelter or hire portable balloon lights for your event. Whatever you’re looking for, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver on even the most unlikely brief, so do ring us on 01295 278600 or email us.